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Tropical Mango Tea

Tropical Mango Tea


What Does It Taste Like?

This tea boasts a tropical tanginess which lingers on the tongue just long enough. This is an incredibly soothing, incredibly easy-to-drink tea. 

The aroma is incredible, and the taste is delicate and sweet. You could drink this tea forever.

Watch your worries disappear on a sweet tropical breeze.

What Does It Smell Like?

This tea is alive with aroma. A tangy, zesty freshness which is incredibly sweet and full of character. 

The overall sensory experience is divine, thanks in large part to this enjoyable, moreish aroma.

Caffeine Level

There's absolutely 0 caffeine in fruit tea. It's just full flavour, and full relaxation.

What's In It?

Real Mango, Apple, Lemon and Rosehip Pieces, with Hibiscus Petals to top off the flavour.

Where Does It Come From?

This is full of fruits grown in the USA, Spain, Thailand and Canada.

What's It For?

An incredible tea for just relaxing and taking a break.

It's Also Known As:

Mango Tea, Tropical Tea, Mango Fruit Tea.

What is Fruit Tea?

Fruit tea is made with real fruit pieces. When hot water is added, the flavour of the fruit is released, infusing the drink with all the flavours of the different fruits.

Often, Hibiscus and Rosehips are added to boost the overall palate of the drink. This helps the fruit flavours to stand out and gives a much tastier drinking experience.

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