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Rose Turkish Delight Flavoured Tea

Rose Turkish Delight Flavoured Tea


Turkish Delight is a popular treat with a sweet, satisfying aftertaste. This blend of black tea infused with rose petals creates the same flavours and aromas you'd find in a generous portion of Turkish Delight. A serenity, energy and soothing aura surrounds this feel good blend, even if it isn’t quite an afternoon spent in the authentic Turkish spas.

This tea provides a gentle caffeine boost, but the accompaniment of rose petals gives a relaxing balance to make your taste buds blush.

The mellow taste is far from the bitter, strong coffee blends we rely too heavily on to get us through the day. The health benefits of tea and delicious flavours will settle the heart and mind. Dismiss the guilt of indulging in sweet treats and take a moment for yourself to think, reflect and embrace motivation with each sip of this tea.


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