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Pina Colada Flavoured Fruit Tea

Pina Colada Flavoured Fruit Tea


You don't have to be on holiday, lying on a beach in the midday sunshine to enjoy the taste of a Pina Colada, when you've got Mr. Tea's Pina Colada tea. 

Should it be such a crime to crave this taste all year round? Allow the creamy coconut and tropical flavours to let you escape reality and embrace a warm sunny paradise wherever you are. 

This Pina Colada inspired fruit tea might be better described as sunshine in a mug. This fruit tea is bursting with healthy flavour made up of apple pieces, pineapple, coconut and hibiscus petals. All of this good stuff and all you need to do is put the kettle on and enjoy the sweet taste.This caffeine-free tea is perfect any time of day.

No need to feel guilty if you overindulge in too many cups of this tasty brew. If you find yourself wishing you were anywhere but the office, take yourself to paradise with a cup of Pina Colada tea. These flavours are guaranteed to make you feel good and you won't get a sore head the following morning. 

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