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Exotic Strawberry and Kiwi Tea

Exotic Strawberry and Kiwi Tea


What Does It Taste Like?

This is the most authentic strawberry taste you're likely to find in any tea. The kiwi adds an exotic twang to the palate, making this one of the finest fruit teas around.

This could easily be served chilled, as a refreshing drink, and enjoyed night or day as a way to relax.

It has a light, but full-bodied flavour, which you'll love. 

Step back into childhood with this genuine taste of summer.

What Does It Smell Like?

This smells like a walk through a sweet shop. It brings back the excitement of youth, and feels like a genuine treat - with no guilt attached! 

This is a drink to enjoy again and again. Paradise in a mug.

Caffeine Level

There's absolutely 0 caffeine in fruit tea. It's just full flavour, and full relaxation.

What's In It?

This tea contains real pieces of Kiwi and Strawberry, as well as apple to add to the sweetness. Hibiscus and Rosehips add to the flavour and enjoyment.

Where Does It Come From?

Thses fruits are grown in the USA, Spain, Thailand and Canada.

What's It For?

 This is a tea for relaxing and maxing (it ain't too taxing...).

It's Also Known As:

Strawberry Tea, Kiwi Tea, Fruit Tea.

What is Fruit Tea?

Fruit tea is made with real fruit pieces. When hot water is added, the flavour of the fruit is released, infusing the drink with all the flavours of the different fruits.

Often, Hibiscus and Rosehips are added to boost the overall palate of the drink. This helps the fruit flavours to stand out and gives a much tastier drinking experience.

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