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Egyptian Camomile Tea

Egyptian Camomile Tea

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What Does It Taste Like?

A massively flavourful tea, which has a smooth start and a delayed tangy (almost fruity) aftertaste. 

Camomile has its own unique taste. As it's made from blossom rather than leaves, the taste is incredibly floral and aromatic. 

There's nothing quite like it for helping you to clear your mind and zone in.

What Does It Smell Like?

The Camomile flower is uniquely aromatic and zesty. This is a very pungent smell, but in no ways an unpleasant one.

A strong, even aroma which you'll welcome again and again.

This tea smells as healthy as it truly is.

Caffeine Level

There's no caffeine anywhere near this tea!

What's In It?

Camomile Flowers

Where Does It Come From?


What's It For?

This is a great tea for feeling good. It's perfect for regulating your mood and perking up a bit, no matter the time of day. It's a really relaxing and mellow drink.

What Are the Health Benefits?

Camomile Tea is consumed for its relaxing and calming effects. It has many health benefits, which are said to extend to:

Calming the stomach: Reduces spasms and cramps. Helps to reduce some of the uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Relaxing muscles: Helps to relieve tension in the body.

Boosts the immune system: Fights off colds, flus and other infections.

Induces sleep: Acts as a mild sedative, providing a restful sleep.

Anti-inflammatory: Helps heal mouth sores, but also any inflammation throughout the body. Particularly ‘bloating’.

Helps to manage the symptoms PMS: Relaxes the stomach and body and reduces cramps. Helps keep mood stable and calm nerves.

Stabilises blood sugar: Useful in preventing and controlling diabetes

Stabilises mood: The calming effects can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

It's Also Known As:

Camomile Tea, Chamomile Tea, Camomile Flowers, Camomile Blossom 

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Customer Reviews

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