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Creamy Caramel Flavoured Tea

Creamy Caramel Flavoured Tea


Imagine enjoying the delightful flavours of caramel within a warm comforting mug of tea, guilt free. This wonderfully blended tea delves right back as you can enjoy the same sweet tastes without fear of over indulgence. You’ll rediscover memories of childhood trips to the sweet shop as the succulent, fresh smelling aroma taunts the senses.

The creamy caramel combination includes real butterscotch pieces to satisfy even those with the sweetest tooth.

This luxurious black tea blend is perfect as a a sweet 'pick-me-up' to get us through the day. It embraces the natural and fresh boost of energy and antioxidants that we all need from time to time. 

Overcome those pesky afternoon sweet cravings that rid us with guilt if we give in. Instead, make a warm creamy tea blend that tastes just as sweet as your favourite afternoon treat. Black tea can reduce inflammation and stress making it a fantastic and healthy choice - one you'll want to enjoy over and over at any time of the day.

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