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Chrystanthemum Flowers

Chrystanthemum Flowers


What is it?

A refreshing and fragrant floral tea which is packed with amazing health benefits. If you're a fan of aromatic blossom teas, then you'll find a fast friend in this incredible flower.

It clears the mind, eases the body, and settles the soul.

What Does It Taste Like?

A sweet, aromatic, perfumey delight. A soft and sensual drink.It's everything you'd want from a floral tea. A hint of blossom, and a full-flavoured soother.

It's impossible not to feel relaxed drinking this.

What Does It Smell Like?

Wow. An incredible wake-up hit of flowery goodness. This is a sweet, floral blossom which fills your body and brings you to life.They say you should stop and smell the roses - maybe you should stop and smell the Chrysanthemum tea.

What Does It Look Like?

A soft yellow brew, not unlike the petals of the Chrysanthemum Flower itself.

Caffeine Level

Chrysanthemum is entirely caffeine-free, so use it to relax and settle down.

Where Does It Come From?

These Chrysanthemum Flowers are grown in China.

What Are the Health Benefits?

Chrysanthemum Blossoms are associated with many health benefits. Consistent consumption of Chrysanthemum Tea in good measure is thought to help with the following issues:

Reduced inflammation throughout the body - Reduced puffiness in the body and bowel means this will leave you feeling a lot more comfortable in your own skin.

Soothing the Symptoms of Bone Disorders - There is also a strong argument that it can help to reduce the symptoms associated with some bone disorders like osteoporosis (although as with any remedy of this kind, although it can help to soothe symptoms, it will not cure a condition).

Stress and Anxiety Reduction - The floral aromas and essential oils in the blossom can help to settle the body and mind.

Better Sleep - It’s an ideal night-time drink as it helps to bring the body to a state of rest and relaxation.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

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