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White Teas

White Tea has many health benefits. It has the lowest caffeine content of any of the pure teas as it goes through the least processing after it is plucked.

Filled with natural antioxidants, it's the perfect detox tea - helping everything from the liver and kidneys to the hair and skin.

Like all teas, White Tea is entirely free of calories and free of sugar, making it perfect for anyone on a diet. (Particularly Paleo and Keto diets).

White Tea is commonly thought to help with weight loss, speeding up the metabolism and fat burning, meaning you'll get rid of that belly fat even quicker.

White Tea comes the Cammelia Sinnesis plant (the same as Green Tea, Oolong and Black Tea). However, due to different processing, it has different properties and different effects.

White Tea is a light, delicate treat which you can enjoy enjoy any time.

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