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Detox Teas - For Weight Loss and Fitness

Do you need a Teatox?

We offer a variety of Teatox packages to suit all body types and detox goals. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, fitness or just a way to detox your body, you’ll find a healthy option in one of our tea detox packages.

Our detox teas don’t require you to go on a strict diet – although eating a healthy diet will always benefit your overall well-being and body goals. The programme will fit into your lifestyle. Consumed with a healthy breakfast, and before bed, you won’t need to adjust your routine at all.

Our Teatox Programme is split into two parts. Morning Energy, and Evening Detox.

The Morning Energy packages come in different flavours to suit all tastes, and contain Yerba Mate, Green Tea and Oolong Tea alongside several other incredible herbs. To find out more about the health benefits, click through and take a look at the range below.

You should start seeing results within 7 days, and will be making good progress within 14 days. Healthy living has never been simpler.

We’re based in the UK, but we ship our Teatox packages worldwide.