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The Complete Minimalist Guide to Diets

Joe Shervell

This infographic is an incredible overview of the world's current most popular diets. There's a diet out there for everyone, and although I obviously favour the Low Carb/High Fat Paleo approach, it's good to get an overview. 

This graphic comes courtesy of Nuique and was designed by Chris Morley Design.

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  • Pihcw on

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  • EMirato paano on

    It’s a very good diet Of I will try it too.

  • Leon on

    Vegan diet also proved to reverse heart disease and other diseases caused by meat and dairy. In the documentary “forks over knives” you get to see how a whole-food plant-based diet can lower cholesterol and even remove almost anyone from taking any pills. Interesting to watch, it’s on netflix now.
    Dno which category to add this info to but great post btw.

  • Amber on

    For Whole 30, you forgot that Dairy and Soy are also cut out.

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